US cosmetic surgery 2008 trends put breast enlargements on top

17 March 2009

New numbers have shown that breast augmentations have come out on top of American cosmetic surgery trends in 2008. Breast surgery eclipsed liposuction as the procedure of choice for American women last year. The survey from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery found that many women are now choosing to exercise in order to get rid of excess fat.However, surgeons are noting that when it comes to breast surgery, many women are influenced by business cycles. Alan Gold, president of ASAPS, said: "A number of women are now looking at breast augmentation after their childbearing years. People are more focused on the aging-related changes that allow them to keep competitive in the job market." According to Bloomberg, the American breast implant industry saw a boom in 2006 when the Food and Drug Administration allowed breast implant manufacturers to supply a wider range of products. In addition to breast surgery, 2008 was a big year for non-surgical procedures. Hair transplants grew 10 per cent overall for both men and women. In addition, the popularity of Botox and dermal filler procedures continued to rise, as they are considered to be an inexpensive treatment for those who desire cosmetic treatments during the recession. For men, liposuction was still the most popular procedure, followed closely by rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. In addition, the demand for male breast reductions also placed in the top-five procedures. Women noted that their most desired cosmetic procedures included eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, Botox jabs and breast reduction surgeries.