11 October 2011

I'm hurt...An American plastic surgeon has designed a website aimed at informing women and men who are considering breast and chest reduction surgery of the options open to them. Dr Miguel Delgado Jr, who is based in the Bay Area of San Francisco, said he decided to establish www.sanfranciscobreastreduction.com after coming to the conclusion that there was a lack of information available to people considering having cosmetic surgery.As well as advising potential patients of the various procedures available, the site also aims to help with securing approval from insurance companies. Dr Delgado said large breasts can lead to issues such as back pain and rashes in some women, but even then getting approval for surgery from medical insurance companies can still be complicated. The website is also designed to benefit men who are thinking about having the size of their chest reduced. A statement released by Dr Delgado said: "Women are not the only ones in need of a breast reduction. Many men are plagued with a condition called gynecomastia, or male breasts, also known as man boobs, and moobs." The new site has a section dedicated to procedures suitable for men such as male chest reduction surgery, complete with information, pictures and video content.