US plastic surgeon gains 100,000 Twitter followers

23 February 2012

Micro-messaging site Twitter is said to have passed the milestone of  500 million registered users yesterday, and one American plastic surgeon is keen on making friends with as many of them as possible. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, an Atlanta-based cosmetic surgery expert is making the most out of the social networking revolution that is sweeping the world, and thanks to some canny marketing now has more than 100,000 people following him on Twitter.The doctor tweets a number of times throughout each day, with messages about everything from the growing popularity of Botox to quotes from Founding Father Benjamin Franklin. He said one of the main benefits of being active on a social media platform is the possibilities it throws up with regard to interacting with patients. He believes a "strong online presence" is now vital in helping to facilitate doctor-patient communications. He said: "Social media is personal. Patients can ask questions and get expert opinions now as opposed to throwing their question out on a message board, as done previously, and receiving feedback from unknown individuals."See the original story here