21 September 2011

83773679A plastic surgeon in America has opened a fat bank so that patients who have had liposuction surgery can store their fat and use it at a later date. The move comes as fat transfer procedures – which see fat being taken from one area of the body and put into another to reshape particular body parts – rise in popularity.Dr Jeffrey Hartog, founder of the Liquid Gold fat bank, said: “I will present it as an option to any patient having liposuction.” Dr Hartog’s concept is unique and one that he hopes to put to good use by offering it to patients who may want to plump up areas of their body naturally as the ageing process kicks in. But those opposed to fat banks are so because they believe that frozen fat is not as good as fresh fat. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio, a plastic surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital who has studied fat transfer, said: “Animal data shows that frozen fat doesn't hold up as well as fresh fat.” And he believes that not only is storing fat a “logistical nightmare”, but there are also “better solutions”. A national consensus survey on the storage of human fat, published in 2007, found that: “unfortunately, the clinical optimism expressed by the proponents of the procedure has not been corroborated by objective scientific assessments.”