01 July 2014

Certain cities are famous for particular attributes – you have San Francisco and its landmark of the Golden Gate Bridge, while Paris is famed for its artistic community and sense of style. However, what comes to mind if we share with you the US cities of Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland? The three cities in Ohio most prone to wrinkles, that is. A study looked at 50 cities in the US whose population were more likely to be wrinkle-prone – combining the data of both existing and original research. Taking into account factors such as the environment, lifestyle as well as occupational habits, the meta-analysis looked at issues that could contribute both directly and indirectly to skin damage – with each factor weighted equally and categorised by impact and relevancy. Want to know which cities made the top 10 for being the most problematic for wrinkles? Here are the results: -          Riverside, California -          New York, New York -          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -          Atlanta, Georgia -          Baltimore, Maryland -          Denver, Colorado -          Chicago, Illinois -          Newark, New Jersey -          St. Louis, Missouri -          Orlando, Florida Did your guess make it into the list? What about your local neighbourhood: do you think your city has its fair share of wrinkles? If so, perhaps you should let your region in on a little secret – and that’s our hugely popular Line & Wrinkle treatment. Help tackle the early signs of ageing and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with The Harley Medical Group – visit our treatment page to find out more, or drop us a hello on Facebook today!