09 December 2011

Dr Michael McCracken, who heads up a cosmetic surgery clinic in Colorado, has said that people in the 31 to 45 age group are behind an increase in demand for cosmetic procedures. His views are backed up by the latest figures to be published by The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), which showed that Generation X – those aged between 31 and 45 – accounted for 43 per cent of cosmetic procedures last year.As well as Generation X, the Baby Boomers – aged 51 to 64 – made up 28 per cent of surgical and non-surgical patients in 2010. “The majority of patients coming in for injectables and cosmetic surgery are definitely more in the 31 to 45 year old range rather than the 52 to 64 year old range,” said Dr McCracken. “I strive to educate and inform my patients on all the options which are now available to take advantage of what I call ‘aesthetic maintenance’, he added. One of Dr McCracken’s patients, a 40-year-old mother of four, said: “I could have hugged Dr McCracken when he told me that I could get the look I wanted without surgery.” She had dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of eye bags, a technique Dr McCracken says is particular popular in his clinic.