Utah sees boom in cosmetic surgery requests

16 November 2011

The cosmetic surgery industry is enjoying a boom in Utah, thanks to an increase in demand from female residents of the American state. Analysis of statistics from 2010 shows that Utah is ranked as the eighth highest state in America in terms of the number of cosmetic surgeons per head.Plastic surgeons operating in the state have suggested that this increase is partly due to the high level of education among women, and the high birth-rate. The former could be said to influence the number of women who are open to opting for elective surgery, while the latter could be influenced by the natural changes which occur to the body as a result of childbirth. One counsellor, Professor John M Rector Ph.D., wrote of the subject in his essay entitled ‘Origins of Human Worth’. He wrote that people often base their self-worth on “arbitrary external conditions or requirements being met”. He continued: “If these conditions are not met [people] will perceive a drop in overall sense of worth, which is likely to set off a dramatic chain of events: feelings of inadequacy, self-loathing, despair or anger, which can lead to self-defeating behaviours of all kinds.”