Utah women turn to mummy makeover surgery to reclaim looks

30 March 2012

An increasing number of women in the American state of Utah are having cosmetic surgery in order to reclaim their looks following childbirth. Speaking to Salt Lake City-based news website KSL.com, five women from the state have revealed why they decided to join the growing group of mothers who have turned to cosmetic surgery after having children.One 37-year-old mum of five said: "I'm kind of on the petite side, and I had 9lb babies. By the time I was done having kids, it was just like I felt like I was living in somebody else's body." She opted to have a mummy makeover which included a tummy-tuck, liposuction and breast augmentation. Another woman, Becky, said her appearance after she'd had children made her feel down and it began to affect her relationships with her family. She said: "For me, I knew who I was before, I was just trying to get back to the me before, not be a different me." The Plastic Surgery Institute of Southeast Texas said earlier this week that with the summer months getting ever closer, demand for 'mummy makeovers' is on the rise.