UV images designed to shock viewers over effects of not using sunscreen

21 February 2014

Men and women sunbathingA series of ultraviolet images taken by a leading model-turned-photographer is being widely seen as a vivid demonstration of the dangers of neglecting to use sun protection products. Cara Phillips' pictures were deliberately taken under ultra-violet light, which, she told Medical Daily, "reveals flaws beneath the skin that [are] invisible to the human eye".This technology is usually only used for specialist medical applications, but Phillips said she took the images as a deliberate attempt to shock those seeing them. One of the images has been used as the basis for an article on the website Latinopost.com, which goes on to list the most common misconceptions people have about sun exposure. These include neglecting to wear sunscreen in winter, and believing that darker-skinned people are less susceptible to sun damage. Its top recommendations for avoiding such damage include: - Using a product with an SPF of at least 35 - Applying sunscreen before getting dressed to ensure complete coverage - Not just relying on make-up products which claim to have an SPF - Paying close attention to the areas around the eyes, where the skin is much more sensitive The effects of moderate sun exposure can be treated by a number of specialised Non-Surgical treatments, such as Laser Rejuvenation and Dermaroller, which can remove damaged outer skin layers to reveal healthier skin beneath. What are your tips for preventing sun damage? Let us know on Twitter.