14 August 2014

Capturing an image in just the right light is a requisite for many a photographer and their subjects but what if the photo was taken using UV light? Thats what photographer and filmmaker Thomas Leveritt set out to do with his latest project; after filming people under UV light in Brooklyns Prospect Park to highlight the suns hazardous effects on our skin. His results showed that the older the subject, the more freckles they exhibited and after asking the subjects to put on sunscreen, their reactions were astonishing: The video was shot using a modified Canon 7D, a regular Canon 7D, and some kind of Powershot, explained Leveritt. He added: I found that people reacted so strongly and interestingly to seeing themselves in UV, I decided I should capture that. Do you wear sunscreen on a daily basis? If so, what SPF do you use? Share your sunscreen recommendations with the rest of The Harley Medical Group community on our Facebook page now.