24 October 2011

This years Annual Congress for Aesthetic Surgery saw cosmetic gynaecology expert Dr Mark Scheinberg speak about the complex processes involved in this type of surgery. The Annual Congress, held in Milan, Italy, brought together more than 1,000 people from the cosmetic surgery industry to discuss the latest techniques and developments.Dr Scheinberg, a board-certified plastic surgeon from Florida, talked about the varying methods of vaginal reshaping surgery, and stressed the importance of picking the right one depending on the patient. As the only speaker on the subject, Dr Scheinberg went on to discuss the various surgical options available. "A lot of cosmetic gynaecologists perform one type of labiaplasty, called aesthetic labia amputation. Our surgical procedures are performed to coordinate with the surrounding tissues, he said. He also stressed the importance of using the surrounding tissue to achieve the most natural look for the patient.