04 April 2011

American actress Vanessa Hudgens has told reporters that she would not rule out the possibility of having cosmetic surgery in the future. In a recent interview, published yesterday on American gossip site Tonight, Hudgens revealed that she already uses anti-ageing skincare to maintain her youthful looks. Would I have surgery? I dont know. It would really depend, she said. Im already starting to use anti-ageing products. You might as well start sooner than later because products are really amazing these days. The 22-year-old star of new film Sucker Punch, released in UK cinemas on Friday, believes that there is much more pressure on women than men to stay looking young. She puts this down to the fact that men are perceived to be sexy as they start to get grey hair, while women who grow old gracefully are more likely to be frowned upon by others in the industry.