19 March 2012

Varicose veins can have a serious, negative impact on a persons self-esteem. This is the opinion of Dr Peter Gloviczki, a vascular surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA. In a new release dated 18 March, Dr Gloviczki said: 20 to 25 percent of Americans have varicose veins, and about 6 percent have more advanced venous disease including skin changes or, occasionally, ulcerations."Evaluation of varicose veins with ultrasound is an easy and accurate way to assess the need for treatment. New, minimally invasive therapy is available today that is effective and is performed as outpatient treatment," he added. Varicose veins are most commonly found in the legs and feet of older adults, pregnant women and people who are severely overweight. It can also be a hereditary condition, and can occur in those who are sedentary or stand still for long periods of time. Medical experts agree that exercise and diet can help some people to prevent worsening of their varicose veins, however, this cannot reverse the damage. Instead, non-surgical treatments such as sclerotherapy where a very fine needle is inserted into the varicose vein to kill it can remove unsightly veins quickly, and with minimal pain. See original story here: