01 March 2013

Overwight man smallThe proportion of men undergoing liposuction treatments at a leading Las Vegas clinic has topped one-third, while almost two out of three of those undergo the treatment to rid themselves of excess stomach fat or 'love handles'. That's according to an article in the San Francisco Chronicle, which revealed that 345 of a sample of 968 of the clinic's liposuction patients, or 36 per cent, were men. Trevor Schmidt, a liposuction specialist at the clinic, told the newspaper, however, that men liked to keep mum about their shape-altering secret. But one patient who has gone public about undergoing liposuction is actor John Schneider, who appeared in the TV series Dukes of Hazzard, who says he turned to surgical solutions after an exercise regime involving regular sit-ups failed to move the excess fat. The Chronicle's article noted: "As more men acknowledge that they have had the procedure, it's likely that the popularity will continue to rise in the near future." Read the full story here: