03 July 2009

A woman severely teased about the size and shape of her nose throughout her childhood has shared her new look on life after nose reshaping surgery. Jan Garrett, 49, endured years of taunts at the hands of cruel bullies. However, the mother of three has announced that her choice to have cosmetic surgery has boosted her confidence and encouraged her to start her life afresh. She has since decided to leave her unhappy marriage of 23 years and feels she has a new lease of life.According to The Sun, Miss Garrett - who turned to a private clinic for the surgery - said: "Since the nose job, I started thinking more about me and putting myself first. "I had changed something I was unhappy with and my marriage too was an unhappy situation that I realised I could change. "Why put up with something you dont have to? You have to live your life for yourself and my relationship had really been over for almost ten years. We had grown apart. "I thought, I had the courage to go through with having a nose job at 45 and going public with it what could I possibly be afraid of? I feel complete now." The news comes hot on the heels of recent cosmetic surgery research which suggests that men and women who fear rejection based on their appearance are more likely to choose cosmetic surgery. Miss Garrett has also published a diary of her experience detailing the nose reshaping surgery and her recovery. She will donate proceeds to Marie Curie Cancer.