20 January 2010

Victoria Beckham's alleged breast reduction is predicted to inspire more women to seek out natural looking cosmetic surgery procedures. According to the Metro, the former Spice Girl never admitted to having breast enlargements in the past, but reportedly increased her natural A-cup to a DD before recently reducing to a B-cup more suited to her slender frame. Ulrika Jonsson has praised Victoria's new, natural look, saying: "With her tiny frame, big implants looked completely out of place - it looked like a couple of watermelons stuck on to a chopstick. "Now she looks so amazing with this new 'subtle', understated Mrs Beckham style."Ulrika underwent her own breast reduction last year as well as a breast uplift, after her bust grew to an uncomfortable 34 I-cup in her last pregnancy. The mother of four struggled for years with her larger-than-life assets before seeking help from plastic surgery, and is hopeful that Victoria Beckham's breast reduction will inspire more women to seek a surgical solution to uncomfortable breasts. "Mark my words, women up and down the country will be getting their implants taken out and replaced with a couple of elegant Beckham buds." With her downsized bust, Victoria Beckham joins a growing list of celebrities who have chosen breast reduction to seek a more modest appearance - including Tara Reid, Denise Richards, Drew Barrymore, Patricia Heaton, Queen Latifah and Sharon Osbourne. Sharon's daughter Kelly Osbourne has also expressed her desire to undergo breast reduction before marrying model Luke Worrall.