Vintage beauty tips for the modern-day woman

 Vintage beauty tips for the modern-day woman

16 May 2015

Does your beauty routine take too long? We’ve uncovered some vintage beauty tips designed to streamline your routine, so even the busiest woman can enjoy beautifying herself.

  • Bathing

Achieve soft, silky smooth skin by adding a little bath oil to the water. Use a pumice stone daily to buff away dry, hard skin on your heels. Apply talcum powder to your body after bathing to help clothes glide on easily.

  • Nails

Sort out problem cuticles overnight by applying a dab of cuticle cream and applying cotton gloves before bed. When applying nail polish, always use the ‘two thin coats’ rule to help it dry fast and last longer without chipping. Don’t have time to wait for your polish to dry? Dip your nails in cold water to instantly set them.

  • Hair

For long-lasting curls, spritz a fine mist of hair spray over hair while it’s wet. Cut down on brushing time by using a hairbrush in each hand!

  • Makeup

Liquid foundation glides on skin far more easily than cream-based products. Make your foundation last longer by firmly pressing loose powder over your skin. Fed up of your lipstick fading after a couple of hours? Powder them first, apply lipstick, blot and then reapply for a look that stays put all day long.

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Image Credit: Prebranac/ iStock/ Thinkstock