28 September 2012

Vogue has offered brides advice on when they need to schedule beauty treatments ahead of their big day. The fashion bible recommends that nine months before they walk down the aisle, women should book in for laser hair removal to rid themselves of any unwanted fuzz and ensure they do not have to deal with ingrown hairs – or worry about waxing.Three months before they tie the knot, brides should go for a microhydrabrasion session. This is gentler than microdermabrasion and will thoroughly cleanse the skin without causing any irritation. Brides will want to look stunning on their big day and these procedures will ensure they shine, without having to worry about any last-minute treatments when they have other things on their mind. Vogue also recommends that brides have their eyebrows shaped four days before their wedding, before a having a gel manicure applied two days in advance. The final part of the preparations is a spray tan the day before and then brides will be looking and feeling incredible.