Wake up flawless with a few top tips from these sleeping beauties

Wake up flawless with a few top tips from these sleeping beauties

28 July 2015

It’s a dilemma we face every day: to jump out of bed right away for maximum beautifying time, or hit snooze and dash out the door with bed-head.  But what if we could have the best of both worlds? With these night time beauty tips you’ll wake up fresh-faced and ready to go – so you’ll be posting that ‘I woke up like this’ selfie in no time!

  • Skin

A glowing complexion means less time spent applying make-up, and it might even distract from an unruly mane. So before you go to bed you must clean your skin thoroughly to remove the make-up, dirt and oil that build up over the course of the day.

Double cleanse your skin in the evening by using an oil based make-up remover – this will help dissolve your make-up – and follow with a foaming face wash for a squeaky clean result.

Once your skin is clean it’s time to think about nourishment. You can wear a richer moisturiser over-night as it won’t interfere with your make-up and think about skin repairing serums and eye creams as well, for a truly hydrated glow when you wake up.

  • Hair

For a more manageable mane come morning try sleeping in a hair mask. Use a product that meets your specific needs, whether that is hydrating, strengthening or colour protection, for silky smooth locks the next day.

  • Skin

We all love to look a little sun-kissed! A little sun-tan can work wonders for a healthy looking complexion, but false tan is the only safe way to achieve this summery look – need we remind you again about the dangers of UV rays?!

To avoid going from 0 – mahogany in one fell swoop, use a product that builds colour gradually and look for a moisturising product to give your skin an extra hit of hydration too.

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Image credit: lenetstan/ Shutterstock