02 February 2009

Breast surgery procedures for both men and women are booming in Wales, despite the current financial downturn. Max Murison, a British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons member in Wales, told Wales Online: "People are still prepared to spend money on themselves if they think it will make their lives better. And plastic surgery can do that." Male breast reductions in the area are up 44 per cent from the year before, and have become the fifth most popular form of cosmetic surgery for men. Murison said: "The male physique is changing and so are attitudes towards it. We've gone from a society where male breast reduction was not talked about - let alone done - to one where men are having the operations and openly discussing it."Breast enhancements were once again the most popular choice of surgery for women as well, with numbers increasing by 30 per cent from last year. Additionally, tummy tuck procedures shot up 30 per cent in 2008. Murison also predicted that 2009 would see an increase in the popularity of tummy tucks in the region, saying: "Last year was definitely the year for having the nose done. This year is going to be the year of the tummy tuck." The numbers in Wales are part of those released by the BAAPS which found that 34,187 cosmetic surgery procedures were carried out in the UK during 2008 - a five per cent increase from 2007. The BAAPS have attributed the growth in breast surgery operations across the UK to a shift in mindset, meaning cosmetic surgery has moved out of the realm of the rich and famous.