09 August 2012

High-pressure jobs can take their toll, but it seems that Wall Street's men are not prepared to let the stress show. An increasing number of businessmen who work in New York City's financial district have turned to injectables such as Botox to make sure that they stay looking youthful and are able to compete with younger employees in the looks department.Speaking to Bloomberg TV, New York cosmetic specialist Dr Dendy Engleman said men working on Wall Street represented her fastest growing client base. The dermatologist said once men experience the effects of Botox injections, they become far more comfortable with the idea of receiving them. However, she admitted that many remained too concerned about what colleagues, friends and family members would think if it was discovered they'd had an injectable cosmetic treatment. She said: "I have been surprised by the increase in the number of Wall Street men who have come in to see me. "They want to look less tired, less wrinkled. They definitely want filler, or Botox, or some kind of laser treatment to make their skin look refreshed. They just want to reverse all the stress that this economic environment has put on them."