18 May 2012

An American cosmetic surgery specialist has suggested that the weather can have a profound effect on the number of people coming forward to book themselves in for cosmetic treatments. Chicago-based plastic surgeon Dr Brian Braithwaite believes a mild start to the year has prompted people to bring forward their planned procedures and strive to get their ideal beach bodies a little earlier.He said: "Compared to previous years, we have seen an increase in both consultations as well as surgical procedures. "Much of the increase in popularity at our practice might be attributed to the mild winter and spectacular spring we have had in Chicago, which typically motivates patients to get a jumpstart on their plans for enjoying the warmer weather ahead." According to Dr Braithwaite, the main spike in demand so far in 2012 has been for liposuction and breast augmentation. The popularity of the latter he puts down to the effect the procedure has on a woman's self-confidence. See here for original story: http://www.healthcareglobal.com/press_releases/health-and-nutrition/chicago-plastic-surgeon-on-asaps-study-and-most-popular-procedures