11 September 2009

I used to love Watchdog - partly for that strange doghouse segment it had - but it's kind of dropped off my radar in recent years. However, now that Anne Robinson is returning to the show I have a feeling I'll be looking out for it in the TV guide.Not only is it satisfying to see unscrupulous companies named and shamed, but I really like the way that Watchdog gives people a chance to share their bad experiences on the telly. I also think Anne is great at holding people to task when they've treated their customers badly and her famous tongue will be put to even better use on Watchdog than it was on the Weakest Link. I have to say I was a little shocked when I realised that the fiery red head is 64! Anne looks fabulous for 64 it has to be said and her plastic surgery choices have been nicely balanced and suitable for her age and shape. While she had a facelift back in 2004 she says that she's only been topping up her Botox in time for the Watchdog comeback. Apparently Anne's said in interviews that she thinks she must be the oldest woman on TV, and there may even be a chance that she's right. I can't think of any older women off the top of my head, but maybe I'll ask around. If it's true we should start a campaign to keep older women on our screens! Just look at the whole Arlene Philips thing - I'm glad to see that she's been getting even more work since she was replaced on Strictly Come Dancing. Hopefully Anne will do us proud on Watchdog, and remind us all that older woman deserve just as must screen times as younger ones.