13 August 2012

A doctor in the US has claimed people can increase their chances of getting STIs and infections if they use pubic hair removal treatments. Waxing is a popular way for women to get rid of unwanted hair, but family physician and director of the health centre at Western University in Washington Emily Gibson believes they could be putting themselves at risk.Writing for, Dr Gibson noted that frequent hair removal “naturally irritates and inflames the hair follicles”, leaving microscopic open wounds that can get infected with bacteria, leading to problems such as herpes. What is more, individuals who shave can suffer from boils and abscesses on their genitals. In an article for the Daily Mail, journalist Liz Jones also highlighted the potential for infection when using hair removal treatments such as waxing. “Don’t stand for therapists ‘double-dipping’ the lollipop stick used to apply the product back into the cauldron of warm wax; it’s a germ magnet,” she stated, adding that a "practice billed by many spas as ‘hygienic’ may well be the exact opposite". See original story here: