20 March 2008

When 21-year-old Linzi Askew opted to go under the knife, her mother Shona, 43, decided to join herLinzi Says- I've never been happy with my breasts and always wished they were bigger, but big breasts don't run in our family. I loved my boobs when I was pregnant as they grew to a D cup, but after I gave birth two years ago, they went back to their original size and were really saggy. So I decided surgery was the only option. I knew my mum has always quite fancied getting her boobs done too and I thought it would be good to get it done together. I'm really close to my mum and - we work together and she was my birthing partner when I had my son - so getting our boobs done at the same time wasn't as weird as it might sound. At first, when I mentioned it to her, she laughed it off saying she was too old, but after I showed her pictures that I'd downloaded from the internet, she suddenly became more interested and decided to take the plunge. My brother Steven was against either of us getting it done, but I wasn't going to let that put me off. With the advice of the surgeon, I decided to go from a 36A to a 36DD, which suited my size 12 frame. Mum, who's a size 10, went up to a D-cup. Just because we were having boob jobs at the same time, didn't mean we had to get the same size! On the day of the operation mum and I had interconnecting rooms, which we found hilarious. It was like being on holiday. But I did start to feel nervous when they came to take me down to the operating table. I was meant to be going into surgery after mum, which meant she'd be there when I came round, but doctors came to get me first, which I wasn't expecting. But she was back from theatre about an hour after I came round and it was brilliant to have her there. The first thing I did was shout across to her: "How do yours look?" We weren't bandaged up like I thought we'd be, so I was able to sneak a quick peek. I thought hers looked fabulous. Initially I thought mine were too small and regretted not going to an E-cup, but now I've got used to them and I love them. A few weeks after surgery, mum and I splashed out on loads of new underwear. I can't wait to have more surgery, although I don't think mum will join me next time. She only wanted a boob job and is quite happy with the rest of her body. I'm still paying off the 4,000 that it cost for the operation, but it was worth every penny. I'd have everything done if I could afford it-liposuction, tummy tuck, the lot. My boob job has given me my confidence back, which is priceless. Shona says- Getting our boobs done together started off as a bit of a lark. I've always hated my tiny 34A breasts and it was a standing joke that they looked like a pair of spaniel's ears. Years ago, it wasn't the done thing to have surgery, so I wore padded bras to enhance my shape. When I hit my forties, I felt my boobs sagged even further, but it wasn't until my daughter Linzi suggested having a boob job that I started thinking seriously about surgery. At first I only went along with Linzi to humour her, but after I met the surgeon, I decided to take the plunge. I suppose it's a bit bizarre that we went together and I'm sure many of my friends were thinking: "What kind of a mother is she to encourage her daughter to have surgery?" But Linzi would have gone ahead no matter what I'd said. I even offered to pay for the operation for both of us, but she decided to pay her own share. In the weeks leading up to the surgery I did start having some doubts, but Linzi talked me round. My work colleagues thought it was hilarious, but my son Steven was furious. His mates teased him mercilessly. Linzi was supposed to be having her operation before me but on the day they came to take her down first, which I was upset about- I didn't want to be in theatre when she woke up. But I made light of it by joking that we would end up with the wrong pair! When I came round and saw my breasts for the first time, I got a real shock- I thought they looked like watermelons. But once the swelling went down, they looked great. I did suffer a small amount of internal bleeding to my left breast, but the Harley Medical Group were great. They spotted it straight away and whisked me back into surgery and now they're absolutely fine. "The difference surgery has made is incredible. I feel so much more confident and I can wear tops that I'd never dream of wearing before. To have a cleavage after all these years feels amazing. I think it takes years off me and my husband is thrilled. I'm sure Linzi will go on to have more surgery, but I'm not planning on having anything else done. I wanted a boob job and I'm really pleased with the results. My boobs were my main hang-up and now they're perfect.' Linzi and Shona both had their operations at The Harley Medical Group Breast Enlargements: THE FACTS Cost- Starts from 4,000. Recovery Time- Your stitches and/or dressings will be removed after seven days, at which time you can return to work, but you should avoid strenuous exercise and lifting for six to eight weeks. Your breasts will feel swollen and hard at first and will take six weeks to feel soft and three months to settle entirely. Doctors usually recommend wearing a sports bra for this time. Risks- All major surgery carries an infection risk. If you're at all worried about your breasts post-op, you should contact your clinic. Where to go- For more information, visit The Harley Medical Group website.Read more about breast enlargement procedures and our cosmetic surgery guide.Contact us today to book your free breast enlargement consultation with one of our highly qualified Nurses.