03 February 2012 was set up to provide information for cosmetic surgery patients and lists the following as part of its guidance on how to ensure the best recovery from face lift surgery: Get plenty of rest Avoid alcohol Avoid very hot showers, steam rooms or saunasAside from this basic advice, the website lists a number of essential items to have at home for use after your operation. These include ice packs, somewhere comfortable to sit with your head elevated, clothes that do not need to be pulled on over the head, a supply of food that requires minimal preparation, and magazines, books etc that will keep you entertained. It is also advisable to keep a supply of bandages and gauze, as well as any ointments and creams recommended or prescribed by your surgeon or cosmetic nurse., just like all reputable cosmetic surgery clinics, stress that the most important advice to follow is that of your surgeon and cosmetic surgery clinic, and it is absolutely essential to attend follow-up appointments.