Weight loss must come before Skin Removal surgery stresses US doc

21 November 2013

Anyone who is looking to get themselves into shape, for health reasons, and is considering Cosmetic Surgery as part of their plans, should tackle their weight issues first. Doctors in Florida say that they are seeing increasing numbers of patients who are undergoing Bariatric surgery – the fitting of a stomach or gastric band - to control their eating habits. And while this often brings people the results they are looking for, many are left with large amounts of loose skin which for the best result can only be removed by Cosmetic Surgery.Feet on scales"There's only so much that the extra skin can contract," says Dr Richard Sadove, a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, “no matter how much weight they [Tummy Tuck patients] lose, they're still going to have that extra skin. And the only option available to them is to have that removed." If this skin remains, it can cause further medical problems, such as excessive perspiration (Hyperhidrosis) and rashes, noted an article on Florida's WCJB TV station. Dr Sadove said he had performed numerous Abdominoplasties, or Tummy Tuck procedures, and added: "Removing that extra skin helps people to normalise their life."One of his patients, Bill Whatmough, from Gainesville, Florida, attested to the success of the procedure. He consulted Dr Sadove after losing half of his body weight as a result of a gastric band fitting, and said his Abdominoplasty procedure had been "worth every penny".