22 September 2011

104297543A significant number of people who undergo weight loss surgery are unaware of the cosmetic follow-up procedures available to them. According to research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 75 percent of bariatric patients were unaware of body contouring, which can be used to help remove excess skin following rapid weight loss.Of the 284 people who took part in the study, only a quarter had discussed post-operative cosmetic procedures with their bariatric surgeon. Only 14 per cent were referred on to a plastic surgeon for a consultation, and just 11 per cent went ahead. However, a report by online medical resource Doctor's Lounge, said the study found that 40 percent of the patients asked might have chosen to have the plastic surgery procedure if they'd have known more about it. Report author Dr Jason Spector said: "It is apparent that insufficient counselling at the time of bariatric surgery is obscuring viable body contouring options for these patients." He added that the reasons for having the operation are not just aesthetic. "Many massive weight loss patients suffer large amounts of loose, sagging skin as a result of their rapid weight loss that, if not removed, can cause rashes, wounds, infection, and limit comfortable mobility," Dr Spector said.