Weird and wonderful treatments: how far would you go in the name of beauty?

Weird and wonderful treatments: how far would you go in the name of beauty?

8 July 2015

To the untrained ear, many modern beauty treatments could probably sound quite bizarre. But even we raised an eyebrow at some of these strange-but-true therapies! In the pursuit of beauty woman (and men) from around the world are freezing themselves, burning their hair and allowing enormous snakes to crawl over their bodies – but does any of it really work?

  • Velaterapia

This hair burning treatment made headlines earlier this week when Victoria Secrets model Alessandra Ambrosio posted a picture of herself on Instagram receiving the treatment.  The Brazilian hair therapy is designed to help get rid of split ends – though it might not be one to try at home!

  • Fire Facials

Speaking of fire, the Huo Liao, or fire facial is an extreme treatment popular with brave souls in China. The facial includes a step where the Beauty Therapist sets fire to a towel soaked in a special ‘elixir’ and alcohol which is spread over the customer’s face. The heat from the treatment is said to stimulate the skin and prevent lines and wrinkles developing – though again, it’s one that’s best left to the professionals.

  • Cryotherapy

From the very hot to the very cold, Cryotherapy is a treatment which involves either entering a room filled with dry liquid nitrogen (that’s -110 degrees!) or plunging into a similarly chilled barrel.

Lindsay Lohan is reported to be a fan of the slimming treatment, which has also been used by Daniel Craig and Cristiano Ronaldo to expedite their recovery times. The freezing temperatures raise the body’s metabolism, which encourages slimming.

  • Snake Massage

Famed for their relaxing, restorative benefits, a zoo in the Philippines is perhaps missing the point with their latest massage therapy. The snake massage sees four Burmese Pythons let loose to slither over the customer’s back and shoulders – for what’s reported to be a soothing sensation.

The snakes are fed up on plenty of chicken beforehand to make sure they don’t harm anyone, but we’re still not convinced!

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Image credit: alessandraambrosio/ Instagram