What are baby boomers’ motivations for getting Cosmetic Surgery?

What are baby boomers’ motivations for getting Cosmetic Surgery?

17 October 2014

In recent years, an increasing number of baby boomers have undertaken Cosmetic Surgery, often waiting until retirement to undergo their Anti-Ageing procedures. So what are their motivations for having Cosmetic Surgery once they’ve come to the end of their working lives?

According to Cosmetic Surgeons, there are numerous reasons why someone of retirement age may wish to undergo a nip and tuck here and there, with some looking for a boost before going back to the dating scene, while others may just be looking for a better fit from their clothes.

The most common reason? “They finally have some time to focus on themselves”, commented a San Francisco based Cosmetic Surgeon.

The majority of baby boomer patients opt for Anti-Ageing Cosmetic Surgery, paying more attention to their neck and facial areas. Liposuction and Tummy Tucks however, tend to be popular among older women looking to get rid of their excess skin once and for all.

The Cosmetic Surgeon advised though that patients should approach their chosen procedure with realistic expectations of the results and the recovery process, and should “expect improvement, not perfection”.

Calling all baby boomers: have you or any of your friends undergone Cosmetic Surgery? What would you say is the most commonly requested procedure? Let us know your thoughts on Facebook.