18 July 2013

stk212539rkeMany people, male and female, hate the shape and size of their nose – often, this is where an expert in rhinoplasty can step in. It it's too big, too wide, too stubby, or the nostrils flare, the goal of this procedure is to create a nose that matches the symmetry of other facial features.Here are the top aesthetic concerns addressed by rhinoplasty surgery.Asymmetrical?An ancient Greek equation addressed the ‘golden proportion’ – a face's width should be two-thirds of its height, and the length of the nose should not exceed the distance between a person's eyes. This rule is still used by artists when creating portraits. If your nose is crooked or seems too large for the space, a nose job can help create an asymmetrical appearance.Narrower NostrilsAccording to New York surgeon Dr Philip Miller: “Wide nostrils are one reason people are embarrassed by their nose. The wide nostrils draw attention and lead to lowered self-esteem. It's a completely correctable issue.”Smooth Out Humps and BumpsWhether the result of a broken nose or a natural occurrence, a rhinoplasty specialist can shave down bone or reduce the amount of cartilage to smooth the appearances of bumps.Reshape the TipThere is a wide range of tip complaints, from a bulbous globe to an upturned, pig-like tip. Most of these situations can be sorted with plastic surgery.Nasal BridgeIf the bridge of a nose is too low it can make eyes looks as if they are too close to the face. A high nasal bridge makes a nose stand out and can make eyes seem too close together.