What could you learn from a week without make-up?

What could you learn from a week without make-up?

9 August 2015

Most women wear make-up every day. It’s something so well embedded into our daily routines we rarely stop to question why we do it, or what would happen if we didn’t.

Though perhaps we should; a recent study found that as few as 1 in 14 women would dare to leave the house without applying make-up – even to go to the gym!

Shocked by this insecure state of affairs, beauty junkie Pippa Park agreed to ditch the ‘slap’ and go bare faced for a week. Here’s what she learned…

In social situations

Feeling self-conscious on day one Pippa left a friends barbeque early and retreated back to her house. But it wasn’t all bad news, the make-up addict loved the fresh-faced feeling she had on a day spent picnicking in the park and, liberated from her usual worries about smudged lipstick or weepy mascara, she felt free to join in a game of rounders with the guys.

In the office

A concerned ‘is everything OK?’ from two of her colleagues left Pippa feeling under confident on her first day make-up free at work. Interestingly, she said she felt unprofessional in the office without her make-up on, “like [she’d] gone in unprepared or with a hangover” and didn’t assert herself in meetings where she would usually have voiced an opinion.

On a first date

A big test of her bare-faced nerve, Pippa’s first date went wonderfully without a hint of mascara. Despite her initial nerves, Pippa settled into the date (helped along by a little Dutch courage) and the pair got along brilliantly.

When she admitted her make-up free appearance was part of an experiment, Pippa’s confused date insisted he hadn’t even noticed!

Looking in the mirror

7 days without make-up worked wonders for Pippa’s complexion.  Without a daily coating of foundation the beauty addict reported she’d discovered the natural glow she’d been striving to achieve with cosmetics for years.

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Image credit: Vladimir Gjorgiev/ Shutterstock