24 September 2013

Woman in bra and knickers pinching tummy fleshThe main, often only, things people know about fat cells is that they dont like them and would prefer to have less of them. Fat cells have many uses. Their main role is to store energy, cushion major body organs and insulate the body. They also produce hormones and secrete a variety of substances that are important in our metabolism. But did you know we are not born with a set number of fat cells?Research has discovered the number of fat cells we have is linked to our genetics. Our pool of cells increases through childhood and adolescence but levels off as an adult without changing further. Losing weight doesn't eliminate fat cells; it just makes them smaller this is because the amount of fat stored in them reduces. Scientists have discovered that fat cells can die, but they are replenished at the same rate they disappear. Liposuction will remove fat cells, but there is some disagreement among officials as to whether your body replenishes to natural numbers or not. One final myth is that eating fatty foods is more likely to make you fat. Fat comes from calories. So if you eat too many calories, whether it's in a big salad or a big burger, you'll gain weight.