What does the future hold for Non Surgical Treatments?

What does the future hold for Non Surgical Treatments?

30 September 2015

At The Harley Medical Group we’re always excited to hear about the latest innovations in Cosmetic Treatments. So when an interview with a leading skin care specialist, about the future of Laser & Skin Treatments, popped up on our radar this week we were quick to take note.

Asked about the kind of developments she’s anticipating in the cosmetic sector the expert says she expects Laser Treatments to be a big area of development. “The next generation lasers, in combination with radiotherapy, can target white hair too… stretch marks and dark circles are also issues which many people face… in the future I can see a lot of work being done in this field to be able to give lasting solutions to these two common problems.”

Hair loss is another issue the cosmetic expert predicts there will be a lot of development around , with the already available hair transplant developing into a Hair Culture procedure, as she explains, “The next breakthrough in (the hair loss) field is that of Hair Culture. Once hair is grown in an outside medium, no one will ever have to deal with the loss of their crowning glory.”

In terms of innovative ways to apply existing treatments, the specialist is particularly excited about the development of Botox creams. Currently Botox Injections can be used to address expression lines, reduce excessive perspiration and lift the brows or corners of the mouth.  Botox creams, however, could see the dramatic anti-ageing results achieved painlessly through a topically applied product.

In terms of patients demands, time saving is a key priority. “Time is money! Certain beauty treatments such as full body hair reduction, which are time consuming and require a lot of sessions are not very welcome. I can already see people hoping that this treatment becomes less time consuming and requires fewer sessions.”

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Image credit: Andrey_Popov/ Shutterstock