What does your face really reveal about your health?

What does your face really reveal about your health?

2 December 2014

Just as many people believe that you can read a face like a book, several experts have highlighted how your face can tell all about your current wellbeing – from your eyes to your cheeks, your face can reveal a number of clues regarding your health.

  • Eyes

Got drooping eyelids? Best get it checked out – as it could be a case of Bell’s palsy, when the nerve supply to the eyes becomes disrupted. If you notice white rings in the iris, this may be down to you having high cholesterol in your bloodstream; with this being particularly dangerous as this could cause a potential heart attack or stroke.

  • Hair

Is your hair starting to thin? This could be attributed to an overactive thyroid. For those showing signs of female baldness, this could be due to iron deficiency – as iron binds to ferritin, which is a hugely important factor in the production of hair cells. Excessive hair on the face? Apparently more than one in 20 women in the UK has polycystic ovary syndrome, as a result of high levels of androgen causing excessive hair on the face as well as Acne.

  • Cheeks

Got a butterfly-shaped rash that reaches from across the bridge of the nose and the cheeks? This could be a symptom of lupus – an auto-immune condition that causes joint pain and tiredness. “It’s sun-related, so tends to appear in spring and summer,” explains Joseph Jorizzo, professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York. “We think the immune system overreacts when UVA rays damage the skin cells.”

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