What makes you beautiful? Changing perceptions from across the globe

What makes you beautiful? Changing perceptions from across the globe

12 August 2015

Having an ‘ugly’ day? Don’t worry, you’re probably just in the wrong country!

They do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, while we often complain about beauty ideals being too limited, what’s considered aesthetically beautiful varies greatly from country to country.


While British women apply false tan in generous doses, Korean women favour a pale look and use skin lightening creams to enhance their milky complexions. Historically this is because a pale complexion was synonymous with wealth and luxury, as opposed to tanned skin which was associated with working outdoors and labouring.

Wide eyes are also a highly desirable feature in Korean beauty. Eye lid surgery is a common procedure to help women achieve then look, and women even use double sided tape to open up their eyes.


The bigger the better when it comes to your beauty look in the States. Whether it’s bum, boobs, lips or lashes all out glamour is en-vogue at the moment in America. Celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez have all helped make the look popular as women strive to recreate their style.


Indian women also favour a fairer complexion, something which is historically associated with the country’s colonial roots and Bollywood’s interest in London.

Long luscious hair is also a big beauty trend in India, it seems to be somewhat of a genetic blessing for many Indian ladies who have enviable silky tresses.


It’s all about the eyes in the UAE, ladies emphasise their gaze with extravagant make-up and plenty of kohl.


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Image credit: And-One/ Shutterstock