What my date had to say about my Botox

What my date had to say about my Botox

25 August 2016

What my date had to say about my Botox

As far as first date small talk goes, you wouldn’t usually expect Cosmetic Surgery to come up. If you happen to work as a Beauty Editor, however, it almost always does.

This is exactly the situation Alex Tunnel, from refinery 29, regularly finds herself in. “Inevitably” Alex writes, “the ‘do you love your job?’ question gets thrown out…My answer, the last four times: ‘I do yeah. I know being a beauty editor sounds superficial and like I’m just testing lipsticks all day, but it’s so much more than that. I find the psychology behind why we do what we do to look the way we want so fascinating, and I’m really into injectables, plastic surgery and the science of skincare.”

Her date’s next question is usually, ‘But you’d never do any of that, right?’ But of course she would! Alex has regular Botox and Filler Injections and also had a Rhinoplasty at the age of 16 – and she refuses to hide any of it.

“I don’t need Botox.” Alex explains “I just like it a whole lot. I like the way it lifts my eyes and makes me look less tired; I like the way it erases the two fine lines permanently etched across my forehead and makes my make-up look smoother. And, yeah, I’ll say it, I like that when I lift my eyebrows, my forehead doesn’t transform into an accordion.”

Cosmetic Procedures are all about feeling your best, “I go to the Dermatologist’s office every four months for the same reason I apply mascara and blow dry my hair: it makes me feel more beautiful. Simple as that. Why anyone cares what means I take to get to that place is beyond me.”

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Image credit: dotshock/ Shutterstock