What really causes your face to sag?

What really causes your face to sag?

22 May 2015

Many of us turn to Anti-Ageing creams in a bid to turn back the clock on our unwanted sagging and wrinkles – but how much are our lifestyle habits to blame for premature ageing? Read on to find out what really causes your face to sag.

  • UV exposure

Spending a long time outdoors means your skin is exposed to damaging UV rays. Over time, this causes your collagen to break down, which leads to the development of wrinkles and causes your face to sag. Be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen every time you leave the house – even when it’s cold.

  • Weight loss

Putting on weight causes your skin to stretch to accommodate your new shape. So when you lose weight, the stretched skin is left over. Once skin has been stretched, it can be hard to bounce back, causing it to sag. Dermal Fillers can help reduce this problem.

So what can you do to fight sagging skin?

  • Facial workout

Some recommend facial exercises, but while this can work to a degree, it can also cause what’s known as expression lines. So while your facial workout may reduce sagging, it’s likely to leave you with unwanted wrinkles.

  • Products and treatments

Topical products and retinols can help to boost your skin’s collagen production, while serums containing vitamin C can aid with restoring elasticity. Line & Wrinkle treatment and Dermal Fillers are other alternatives.

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Image Credit: Studiokovac/ iStock/ Thinkstock