What to consider before undergoing Breast Surgery

15 April 2015

With Breast Surgery currently the most requested Cosmetic Surgical procedure, it’s important that patients understand exactly what they can expect from it. Cosmetic Surgery is not a decision to be entered into lightly, so it’s a wise idea to equip yourself with as much know-how as you can before agreeing to surgery.

1. You may need another procedure later down the line. A quarter of women with Breast Implants require repeat surgery after 10 years due to pregnancy, weight loss, or complications with the Implant itself.

2. You’ll need to book at least one week off work. Whether you have Breast Enlargement or Breast Reduction surgery, you’ll need at least seven days off work to allow for full and speedy recovery.

3. You can try before you buy. Sizers (bead-filled sacks) can be used to help you test out varying breast sizes before deciding which one is right for you.

4. Your goals need to be realistic. You shouldn’t expect to go from an A cup to a DD cup in the space of one procedure. By setting realistic goals, you’ll allow your body time to adjust to the changes. Generally, you can expect to go up two cup sizes in one procedure.

5. Breast Enlargement and Reduction procedures could affect your ability to breastfeed. Many women who have Breast Surgery choose not to breastfeed. Those who have an areola incision slightly risk damage to the minor ducts, impacting on your ability to breastfeed. If your surgery has involved incision in the crease of the breast or underarm then you should have no problems.

6. Smokers, obese patients or those with a family history of breast cancer pose risks. All of these factors increase the risk of complication both during and post-surgery. All medical issues will be evaluated before your consultant agrees to you having surgery.

7. Your breasts may grow back after a reduction. If you undergo the procedure before getting pregnant or your weight changes significantly after surgery, it is possible for your breasts to grow back.

8. You can have a reduction no matter what size your breasts are. If they feel uncomfortable to you, book a consultation and talk openly with a specialist. They will be able to advise you on the options available to you.


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