What you need to know about beauty’s new miracle ingredient, Hyaluronic acid

What you need to know about beauty’s new miracle ingredient, Hyaluronic acid

16 July 2015

Every now and then there’s a beauty break through that promises a new generation of skin care products. There was retinol, there was Vitamin C and now there’s a new wonder ingredient in town – hyaluronic acid (HA).

HA isn’t a new creation, in fact it occurs naturally in the human body, but a recent development could see it used much more effectively in skin care products.

HA’s primary function is to keep the body hydrated, so an extra dose of the acid applied through a skin cream would be great news for your complexion. The problem with HA as an ingredient previously has been that because it has a high ‘modular weight’ - i.e. because HA particles are so big – the substance couldn’t easily penetrate the skin.

The latest generation of products however include much smaller HA particles that can be absorbed into the skin’s deepest layers. The highly absorbent substance then works to plumb and hydrate the skin, reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and replenishing the complexion.

The ingredient is one of the most potent modern science has to offer to skin care and promises exciting results. HA comes with one small caveat though, the acid is so efficient at absorbing moisture from elsewhere in the body, you may experience some dehydration, products containing HA commonly advise you to drink extra water to compensate.

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Image credit: Neamov/ Shutterstock