What’s behind the growing trend for young women to have Breast Reductions?

What’s behind the growing trend for young women to have Breast Reductions?

9 September 2016

What’s behind the growing trend for young women to have Breast Reductions?

When you think about Breast Surgery the first operation that comes to mind is probably a Breast Augmentation, or Enlargement, however Cosmetic Surgeons are reporting an increasing number of young women undergoing just the opposite procedure, a Breast Reduction.

The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) identified a 13 per cent increase in Breast Reduction operations carried out last year, bringing the total to 6,246 and cliniccompare.co.uk reported a 60 per cent increase in interest in the procedure in 14- 25 year olds.

So what’s behind this new trend?

One reason could be increased awareness of Cosmetic Surgery and the procedures which are available. However, there are other contributing factors.

An increase in women’s breast size could be blamed on obesity, and it is true that a fatty, unhealthy diet will cause weight gain, which in turn increases the sizes of the breasts. Though many patients undergoing a Breast Reduction are a slim size 10 or smaller and the combination of a narrow frame and large breasts can lead to discomfort.

Poppy Lockett recently had a Breast Reduction to reduce her 34KK breasts to a DD cup size. She explains her struggles with very large breasts, “It was so uncomfortable. My breasts were so droopy and heavy they made my whole back hunch over. I often developed sores and rashes and had to wear size 22 tops, even though I’m only a 12-14 everywhere else. Then there was the constant staring – from men and women.”

Dr Max Marcellino has observed a rise in the number of young women undergoing Breast Reduction surgery and thinks the cause of larger breast sizes could lie in our modern lifestyle. “Over the past 20 years it wasn’t common, but now I perform one a week. It can probably be attributed to increased awareness about Plastic Surgery and people having greater knowledge of what is available. But our modern-day lifestyle, from processed food in our diets to the contraceptive pill, appears to be affecting the size of women’s breasts. I’ve seen it in my clinic first-hand over the years.”

If you’re unhappy with the size of your breasts a Breast Reduction surgery could be the solution you’re looking for. At The Harley Medical Group our Cosmetic Surgeons can discuss the surgery with you in detail during your free consultation.

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Image credit: Kaspars Grinvalds/ Shutterstock