What’s causing the men’s grooming market to surge

What’s causing the men’s grooming market to surge

12 December 2014

According to recent reports, the male grooming market is set to surpass the £1 billion mark by 2018. That’s right, Eves beware – what was once a pampering lifestyle for women only, it seems the Adams are looking to get in on the pruning and preening too. But what exactly is the reason behind this sudden surge in men wanting to look their best?

Several beauty brands have decided to try a new tactic with their audience, by offering specific tailor made treatments for men’s skin and their general facial appearance. Additionally, the rise of social media has seen men get inspired from certain social media campaigns – along with praising men’s products by sharing their success stories online.

With these factors contributing to an increase in male grooming, it’s little wonder that there’s also been a boost in male grooming blogs. With industry experts sharing their tips along with dedicated grooming products, this has sparked a range of opinions and interest – leading to a boost in male grooming sales.

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