23 April 2013

stk68287corAussie men, never known for their willingness to embrace the modern trend for modern grooming methods, are being tempted to try some of the treatments available at their local health spa., a news website covering the Western Australian state capital, has produced a list of five treatments which it says will help men improve their feeling of well-being. That list includes deep tissue and hot stone massages, but also takes in a handful of more cosmetic treatments.It recommends a treatment called microhydrabrasion to improve the feel and look of the face. It works by a fine blast of granules being fired at the face at high-pressure, clearing away dead skin and leaving the face feeling and looking fresher and cleaner. Back waxing is also on the list, and the article points out that, while it's impossible to escape some degree of pain, this does moderate the more regularly it is done, as the hair starts to grow back more finely and therefore comes out more easily. Finally, for a glowing, younger-looking skin, the article recommends the use of a dermaroller effectively a roller containing fine, tiny needles which are rolled over the skin. These open up the pores, and trigger the production of collagen, as well as making it easier for the skin to absorb products applied to improve its condition. Up to three treatments are needed to get the best results, the article notes, and this will be combined with a regime of skincare products as recommended by the individual practitioner.