04 April 2013

Injection into woman's lipA new article has revealed that although many celebrities claim not to have gone under the knife, many have actually used non-invasive procedures to achieve their looks. MailOnline pointed out that for many people, Botox, laser treatments and fillers dont count when it comes to surgery.It noted that although Jennifer Aniston has described plastic surgery as a slippery slope in the past, she has also claimed to be obsessed with laser treatment. Similarly, Jenny McCarthy previously stated she is team Botox, but has then backtracked and said she uses very little of the injectable. Some stars, including Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie, deny they have ever had plastic surgery or been for any type of non-surgical procedure. Megan Fox even uploaded pictures of herself making different faces on her blog, in a post called Things You Cant Do With Your Face When You Have Botox. But as one expert pointed out, there is no way of really knowing if these stars are telling the truth. I think that the line is when you go under the knife. The goal is to like you havent had any work done, Los Angeles-based cosmetic surgeon Dr Alexander Rivkin told MailOnline. Read the full story here: