23 May 2013

Woman shaving legsFor those who find themselves shaving their legs almost constantly there are better and longer lasting ways to stay smooth. But it is hard to say one way is better than another. In reality, you'll want to pick the system that works best for you and your body. Here is a quick guide to ways of getting rid of unsightly hair.- Waxing is a great option when you are planning a trip, or even if you are pregnant. It is not as time consuming as shaving and will last throughout the duration of your trip. - There are other alternatives, such as creams. You simply apply, wait a few minutes and then wash the cream off to reveal the smooth skin underneath. Some hair removal creams contain chemicals that dissolve the hair, but can irritate the skin. - If you feel shaving is still the best option, make sure you soften skin in a warm bath or shower first and then use soap or shaving cream. Make sure the razor is sharp to avoid a rash always shave in the direction the hair grows. - There is also the option of electrolysis a procedure developed over a century ago to treat ingrown eyelashes. Instead of just removing the hair, it destroys the follicle and a destroyed follicle will never bother you by growing hair again. - Laser hair removal employs pulsating light beams which are aimed at the hair follicle. It heats the melanin in the hair with in turn temporarily stops the follicle producing hair.