25 May 2004

BBC Television News, The Harley Medical Group is shown as an example of a good clinic following a report into cosmetic treatments by the Consumers Association's Which? Magazine.

Which magazine'WHICH Report Confirms The Quality Of Consultations'

It is significant that The Harley Medical Group was the only national Cosmetic Surgery Group commended for its quality of its consultation and was the only clinic interviewed by BBC1 Breakfast News, BBC Lunchtime News, BBC London Evening News regarding a recent report by the Consumers Association's Which? Magazine. The publication had carried out undercover investigations to explore how thorough the consultations were at 16 clinics in the UK. The report found that only 5 of the 16 clinics, in their view, offered good patient consultations. The Harley Medical Group's Manchester and London, were 2 of only 5 clinics that came out very well in the report. Bernice Berry, Nurse Trainer at The Harley Medical Group, was interviewed by the BBC and was asked to comment on why we feel it is important to take a full medical history and to explain the pros and cons of each procedure before the patient proceeds. Bernice also explained, that unlike some clinics, The Harley Medical Group is registered with The National Care Standards Committee which means that our processes and patient care policies are constantly monitored to ensure first class levels if patient care.Tuesday 13 January 2004 - The Independent Coverage of the Which? Consumer ReportThe Independent newspaper ran a news feature on the report from Which? Consumer Magazine who sent reporters undercover to 16 cosmetic surgery clinics across the UK and found that only 5 of the clinics they investigated offered good levels of consultations, of which The Harley Medical Group was one. The report deemed that staff at The Harley Medical Group took good medical histories and detailed the risks.Read more about our cosmetic surgery guide.Contact us today to book your free cosmetic surgery consultation with one of highly qualified Nurses.