Who says men’s beauty products are just for guys? 5 male beauty products women need to try today

26 June 2015

The idea of different grooming products for men and women is so well engrained we rarely think to question it. But if we look beyond the colour coded packaging, is there actually any benefit to gender specific products?

Some beauty exerts aren’t convinced, so here are a few traditionally male products women should try for a beauty fix that works.

Shaving cream

Men’s shaving foam is of a thicker consistency than products targeted at women, which can mean it works better.


Men’s razors are sharper than women’s and often have more blades, so they’ll give a closer shave.


Avoid irritation by applying an aftershave when you’ve used a razor.

Men’s face wash

Facial scrubs for men exfoliate more harshly than women’s products, so they can be brilliant for treating oily complexions or problem areas of the face.

Hair wax

For a fashionable ‘bed head’ look, try working a little hair wax through your locks or an undone style.


Do you use any beauty products that aren’t targeted at your gender? Let us know on Twitter.




Image credit: VGstockstudio/ Shutterstock