Why Breast Augmentation is more reliable than Botox Breast Lifts

20 January 2015

Botox, used for many years as an effective solution for lines and wrinkles, is now being touted as a Non-Invasive alternative to Breast Augmentation.  Let’s look at why the popular Cosmetic Surgical procedure is more reliable than a Botox Breast Lift.

Boston-based Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Eric Halvorson is against Botox Breast Lifts, referring to them as “a marketing ploy or gimmick”. He said: “I don’t understand how paralysing the pectoralis muscle could have any effect on the shape or size of the breast.”

Women opting for the Non-Invasive treatment may be doing so to trial the new look to gauge whether or not Breast Augmentation surgery is right for them. Equally, they may prefer the fact that Botox requires no downtime and they can resume their daily activities straightaway.

However, what many forget is that Botox is only temporary. What’s more, as Dr Halvorson mentions, it is unlikely to alter the size or shape of the patient’s breasts which may affect confidence levels further.

Breast Augmentation surgery on the other hand is a proven way to enhance a woman’s breasts, with many Cosmetic Surgeons creating natural-looking results for their patients, helping to increase their levels of self-confidence, to achieve symmetrical breasts and to allow them to feel comfortable in swimwear, underwear and clothing.

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