Why clean eating is good for your skin

5 February 2015

You may have heard of clean eating – it’s the latest trend focused on eating wholesome food to make you look and feel the picture of health. So what does it have to do with your skin? Well, by eating the right foods, you’re giving your skin the best possible chance of staying young.

The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ has never been so apt. if you’re constantly indulging on cream cakes and greasy fried foods, you’re more likely to suffer from unwanted blemishes and inflammation. But if you eat clean foods (fresh fruit, lean meat and healthy fats), your skin will take in all of the necessary nutrients and minerals it needs to give you a clear, healthy complexion.

So what is classed as clean? Don’t be fooled into thinking that your diet can only consist of lettuce leaves from now on. Scout out some clean food recipes and you never know, you may find you love the likes of quinoa and buckwheat.

Rather than focus on what you can’t eat, one expert recommends looking on the positive side. Keri Glassman, founder of Nutritiouslife said: “It’s not ‘I can’t eat the chocolate cake’, it’s ‘I can have the blueberries’.”

Give clean eating a go today and see what a difference it makes to your Acne spots, redness and dry skin.

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