11 December 2012

An expert has discussed why the skin ages and what people can do to stay looking as youthful as possible. Ted Emmanuel, a naturopathic physician, skin, body and healthcare specialist, explained in an article for the Jamaica Observer that there are two factors that lead to wrinkled skin.Elasticity is naturally lost because small cone-shaped fibres located within the dermis start to deteriorate over time, meaning the skin cannot completely hold its former shape. Secondly, the rate at which cells grow and rejuvenate begins to slow, which means older damaged and irregular-shaped cells are left on the surface. Because these are less able to retain moisture it means the cells beneath them get dehydrated. Mr Emmanuel explained that while in the past creams have been used to treat these problems, these are not the most effective form of treatment. When the application of products fails as it always does, there is always plastic surgery. Modern surgical techniques have made this option reasonably effective when performed by skilled professionals, he stated. However, he pointed out that for this to work, individuals will need to ensure they stop abusing their skin and instead, look after it as they should following their surgery.